Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

It’s important to be clear on the products and services we offer on our website, https://www.barefacedfitness.co.uk, and other sites we own and operate.

Please make it known that online digital products and services cannot be refunded once you’ve accessed or been sent the content, due to the nature of the items.

This includes accessing online content via your account portal or having been send digital content that you’ve purchased.

Physical products can be refunded if the item has proven to be faulty where evidence must be provided.

Each service lists its own cancellation policy whereas certain services can be cancelled if adequate notice is provided, however this is only applied to in-person or live online services.

Online downloadable products cannot be shared or resold on to other parties. Each purchase covers the use of the buyer only.

Copies or shares of content given from any of the Barefaced Fitness products, services or website content is illegal.