Looking for Personal Training in Liverpool?

Barefaced Fitness is based in Liverpool City Centre and offers multiple options when it comes to Personal Training. 

Our favourite is our unique group coaching programme – Strength Class. Most importantly, you can try it out before you commit!

Find your true potential

Hi, I’m Kim! I’ll be your coach.

I started out with my fitness journey as an absolute beginner and tried to absorb everything I could from online experts.

Through a lot of trial and error, I managed to find what works for me based on enjoyment and progress, because both are SO important!

When I wanted to take my weight training seriously, I wish there was something like this out there. 

Group coaching wasn’t that popular at the time but it really gives people the opportunity to get that valuable advice they need in a friendly atmosphere and it’s very affordable!

Fitness Classes & Personal Training in Liverpool

For as long as I’ve been in the industry, I’ve wanted to run sessions for women where they’re really able to see their true potential and feel comfortable at the same time.

No more being hidden away in the corner or in a separate room, it’s all about taking up space and owning it!

These programmes will not only get you stronger and fitter, but they will also give you knowledge, confidence and the ambition to keep going.

I’ve got plenty of options available, you just need to take that first step…

Your Options

Personal Training

This option is for those of you who want traditional 1:1 PT or 2:1 sessions where you bring a friend or colleague to train along side you.

Group Coaching

With my group coaching programme, you still get individual needs met, but it's more affordable than PT sessions and provides an amazing environment to train in.

What to expect from training with me...

I know you keep saying that you’re going to join a gym and get a PT and you’re hesitating on taking that first step.

You’re thinking what if I’m not good enough? what if it’s hard? What if I fail?

Putting it off is only putting you in that mindset for even longer than it needs to be. If you take action now, a weight will be lifted off your shouldersno pun intended!

And finally, what I give you is planned and has its place in the training programme. No fluff.

Group Coaching

Affordable, social and friendly with amazing results.

Personal Training

Private sessions the way you're used to them.

Hybrid Options

The ultimate bespoke package of online and in-person training.

In-person Coaching is for you if...


When you join me as a client you get to choose a programme to follow. This will be available to you online and you can do it in the gym or at home if you have the right equipment.

With the hybrid coaching options, you’ll get a personalised programme via a training app.

Fat loss & toning

This is a very popular goal but a lot of people go about it the wrong way! 

Fat loss isn’t solely achieved with cardio and toning isn’t achieved with very light weights. Both take a lot of things into consideration, all of which is covered in this programme.

I also want to make this sustainable for you, which is key to long-term results.

There are 8-week and 12-week options available and as a client, you can complimentary access to them.

You also get access to my membership site, Barefaced Fitness on Demand.

Strength & Conditioning

Whilst you can get stronger with general weight training, targeted strength training will take you to another level.

If you want to hit those higher numbers, improve your lifts and focus on barbell training, this one is for you.

By the end of your training block, you’ll see major progress.

There are 8-week and 12-week options available and as a client, you can complimentary access to them.

You also get access to my membership site, Barefaced Fitness on Demand.

***Autumn Offer***

If you get started with your trial now you’ll get to try out BOTH Personal Training and Unlimited Group Training sessions instead of having to choose just one!

Start now with your 2 week trial

The gym I’m based in offers a 2-week trial for just £1! To match that offer, I’ll be giving you unlimited strength class sessions or 1 x PT session for free so you can experience the full package. You’ll also receive a 2-week training programme based on your skill level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our group coaching sessions are £15 per session and personal training is £35, but if you’d prefer something at a lower price I also offer online coaching.

Absolutely fine! If you’d prefer to stay as a member at your other gym you can just pay for day passes (£8 per session) at Taylor’s Strength Training.

Just as in a normal gym where you’d go to a PT after joining, you have to pay money directly to the gym for access to their facilities.

This can be done in the form of a day pass via their app or if you’re going to be joining us more than once a week, I’d suggest a monthly rolling membership.

The payment for the session goes to me, the gym does not pay me.

You’ll get a group programme to follow outside of the sessions. This can be done in your gym, in the gym I work in or at home, whatever you prefer.

If you’re going for a Hybrid option, you’ll have a personalised programme given to you via a training app called True Coach.

I like to keep my sessions as interesting as possible amd rather than focusing on just getting exhausted, I like to have meaning and impact with my exercise selection.

If there’s really something you don’t enjoy doing, or don’t see the need for, you can talk to me about it and I’ll explain the purpose behind it.

The guys at this gym are some of the nicest people you’ll meet. If you don’t believe me, you can see for yourself during your 2-week trial.

There won’t be anyone being creepy, I promise you.

The location of the gym is near the World Museum and the Queensway Tunnel, at the bottom of Dale Street.


Taylor’s Strength Training

3-5 Trueman Street


L3 2BA

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