Want to take things into your own hands?

Want online classes and session plans whenever and wherever you want?

How about train whenever works for you rather than having to wait for a gap in someone’s schedule?

Or choose to workout at home or in the gym, depending on how you feel?

How about save a massive amount of money compared to personal training sessions?

If you’re saying a big YES to everything above, then an online option is best thing for you.

online classes

Let me guess...

  • You want to attend a training session but it just doesn’t work for your schedule
  • Your workouts are lacking structure and intention
  • There are big goals in mind that you’re struggling to achieve
  • You want to exercise when it’s convenient for you, not someone else!

There's another way...

  • Do online classes and workouts based on what you want to achieve
  • Find a training style that works for you so you’re more interested in your workouts
  • Allow yourself the flexibility of doing your workout wherever and whenever you want
online classes

It’s time to stop holding yourself back from reaching

your full potential

You don’t have to stick to traditional methods just because that’s what you’re used to. Choosing an option that’s more convenient for you means that you are much more likely to succeed! 

This means, better results and more motivation.

Your Options...

On demand workouts, online classes and programmes for any fitness level or ability. 

Custom training programmes designed with your goals in mind.

healthy diet plan

A programme dedicated to healthy eating habits and building a better relationship with food and your diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Personal Coaching

Online Coaching is a method of training where everything is done for you and sent over for you to do in your own time. You’ll get a personalised training programme, lifestyle goals, weekly check-ins and help with your diet.

The packges we offer are from £59 a month. If you don’t want to carry on after the first month, that’s not a problem. We don’t sign you into a long-term contract. 

Barefaced Fitness On Demand

We’re aiming for a launch in Spring 2021!

You register for your membership then you can access all the features involved with BF On Demand – anytime, anywhere.

You can choose from a selection of online classes, session plans and 12 week programmes.

BFOD is only £19.99 a month unless you’re motivated enough to commit to 6 months, in which case it’s only £16.50 per month!

Just head over to my registration page where you can get 7 days absolutely free.

90 Day Nutrition Club

Doors are open until the end of March 2021! It will then open again soon so keep an eye out for that.

This programme is an intensitive course that normally £129 for the 3 months but we also offer a payment plan.

Find out more here.


Yes! Anyone can benefit from these services as long as you’re willing to put the effort in and make sure you’re doing your workouts, check-ins and eating properly.

Yes! Unlike a lot of people who provide Online Coaching and Training Programmes, I’m a qualified Personal Trainer and have trained people in person too. I’m also currently working towards a Level 4 Nutrition Coach qualification. Click here to see the full list of my qualifications so you know you’re in safe hands.


"I have had 7+ months of training with Kim, she is a fantastic trainer gets you too where you need to be. She makes free weights fun and you progress quickly."
Personal Training Client
"She will push me to do the best I can, but never makes me feel any less if there is something I can't do. I genuinely enjoy training with her!"
Personal Training Client
"This girl is unbelievable she gives 100% to every client. If this year is the year you want to make a difference then don’t look back check it out!"
Personal Training Client
"Kim is an incredible trainer who really just wants the best for her clients. Kim has made me fall in love with exercising and getting stronger."
Personal Training Client
"Kim is the most amazing personal trainer! She has revolutionised my attitude to food, exercise and my body."
Personal Training Client
"Kim is so fantastic! I enjoy every session and can see improvements in my fitness, health and strength since I started training with her!"
Personal Training Client
"Kim has been amazing and really knows her stuff. She has helped me so much and the difference it has made having her train me is fantastic."
Personal Training Client
"Kim is a highly knowledgable coach with the experience, communication and people skills to go along with her knowledge."
Strength Coach
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