Consent Waiver

Consent Waiver

1. I [the user] provide my consent to Barefaced Fitness to exhibit, copy, publish, distribute or otherwise use on their website, pages and other social media sites, advertising and marketing campaigns and/or email communications the information I provide for such purposes as are required by Barefaced Fitness in the lawful conduct of their business including, but not limited to, the marketing and publicising of their products and services, development and promotion of advertising and marketing campaigns and public relations.

2. The information referred to in paragraph 1 above includes any and all testimonials, comments, images, my name, company name, and any company logo or image.

3. I further provide my consent to Barefaced Fitness to edit the information I provide and publish or use an edited or partial version save that any such edits do
not create a misleading or false version of the information originally provided.

4. I understand that in providing the consent set out above I am
irrevocably and unconditionally waiving any and all rights that I may be
entitled to by reason of law or morally, whether such law or right is in force
now or in the future and I hereby release Barefaced Fitness from all claims of any
kind, howsoever arising, through the use of any information I provide to
Barefaced Fitness in connection with this Form of Consent.

5. I understand and agree that I am not entitled to any monetary relief for
providing the information to Barefaced Fitness and that I will make no monetary

6. I understand that I am able to revoke my consent by providing no less
than 30 days written notice to

7. I confirm that I over 16 years of age. I confirm that I have read and understood the terms set out above and that I freely and voluntarily agree to be bound by them.