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What is Online Coaching and how does it work?

What is Online Coaching and how does it work?

You may have heard a lot about Online Coaching, especially during the pandemic when gyms were closed. But what does it actually involve?

Strictly speaking, this service has traditionally been targeted more towards strength athletes and bodybuilders. It works by having a coach design a training programme for you and send you session plans as well as sometimes helping you with nutrition. 

Session plans can be sent to you via a spreadsheet or on an app. I’ve personally just switched over to using True Coach which makes things even easier to communicate with my online clients.

Where the confusion lies

I’ve noticed that a lot of people have been talking about this in terms of live online classes such as the ones being delivered via Zoom. But that’s simply not the same thing. 

Proper Online Coaching has been going on for longer than 10 years. People like Layne Norton has been doing it for about 15 years and still continues to specialise in this area, now with a whole team of fitness professionals.

Even media outlets and marketing experts are referring to virtual sessions as online coaching, so I can see how people are getting confused. I just wanted to clarify the difference to make things easier for you.

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In Summary...

If classes and personal training sessions are pre-recorded or done live, technically this is virtual training and not online coaching.

Where session plans are delivered online in some format along with consistent guidance and regular communication with the client is given, this is the standard form of online coaching.

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