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Take part in our Saturday morning fitness class – no gym membership required!

Liverpool Bootcamp for women

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Bodyweight bootcamp

Take part in our Saturday morning fitness class – no gym membership required!

Liverpool Bootcamp for women

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Do you want to get back to group training but don't want to join a gym?

If you’re someone who likes fitness classes but you’d prefer not to be tied into a gym membership, our Bootcamps would be perfect for you!

My Full Body Bootcamp is suitable for all levels as every exercise has options and adaptations to better suit you. 

My Baby Bootcamp is for pre & postnatal women who want safe and effective workouts during their pregnancy as well as when returning to exericise postpartum.

So if you’re looking for a Liverpool Bootcamp for women, this is the place to be!

Bootcamp Options

Full Body Bootcamp

Challenge your whole body in this fun and supportive environment that's suitable for all levels

Baby Bootcamp

Pre & postnatal fitness class providing safe and effective exercises for pregnant women and new mums

Sessions will take place at Allerton United Reformed Church in the Minor Room.

I can promise you that I won’t be there shouting orders at you like a drill sergeant! I’m not that sort of trainer. 

My ethos is to get women strong and confident with exercise rather than just getting people sweaty and exhausted. 

If there are any exercises that you can’t do, I’ll also be able to give you alternative options. 

What you'll get out joining one of my Bootcamps...

Effective resistance training

It's all too easy for fitness classes to turn into a cardio session. But I won't let that happen! If you're at my Bootcamp you'll learn how to control the movement and train with intention to focus on maintaining good form and improving your technique. It doesn't matter if you've never done any weight training before either! I can teach you.

Learn new skills

Haven't done classes with weights before? That's not a problem. Not sure about your technique? That's okay too! I'm a firm believer in teaching my clients the proper ways to nail exercises and not just train to burn calories alone. With proper instruction you'll gain a new understanding of exercise methods that you can carry over into your own sessions.

Be a part of a community

I want to provide a community of like-minded women so that we can all learn to enjoy exercise rather than it feeling like a chore. The best training environments are when everyone is supportive and positive so that's exactly the type of environment that I want to provide for you.

Lot's of exercise options

I'm never going to make you do an exercise that you physically can't do, so I always provide options to make something easier for you. This also goes for anyone who is finding something too easy! Just let me know and I can always make it harder for you. Feedback is very important so I know you're on the right track and that you're properly challenged.

What others have to say...

Jess B. Personal Training Client

Kim is so fantastic, she has 100% improved my confidence in the gym.

Becci H. Personal Training Client

Kim has completely changed fitness for me and has made me fall in love with exercising and getting stronger.

Alison C. Personal Training Client

Kim is the most amazing personal trainer! She has revolutionised my attitude to food, exercise and my body.

Deborah V. Personal Training Client

Kim is a fantastic trainer gets you too where you need to be. She makes free weights fun and you progress quickly.

Kate T. Personal Training Client

She will push me to do the best I can but never makes me feel any less if there is something I can't do. I genuinely enjoy training with her!

Fiona M. Personal Training Client

This girl is unbelievable she gives 100% to every client, each session is fun and motivating.

Gwen B. Designation

She has been amazing and really knows her stuff. She has helped me so much and the difference it has made having her train me is fantastic.

    If you join my Bootcamp, you will not be disappointed! After being away from other people for so long I’m really looking forward to our sessions and I’m sure you will too.

    You’ll be consistently challenged but also have that sense of accomplishment which is an amazing feeling!

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