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The importance of smart goal setting for new years resolutions

I’m sure we’ve all had a bad experience with new years resolutions but there are reasons why we struggle to achieve them. The top two reasons are likely to be that the goal itself was unrealistic and you didn’t put the little things in place to make that goal happen. This blog is going to cover how to actually work towards your goals this year.

Setting new year's resolutions

I’d like to point out, despite what anyone says – your new year’s resolution can be anything you want it to be. Whether that’s losing weight, getting fitter, getting stronger, dropping a dress size or even getting your daily steps in. 

The things that you really want to achieve combined into an actionable goal will be rewarding for you. But if you’re not truly invested in that goal, or you don’t really want it, you need to rethink your intentions.

You’re not going to work towards a goal if you’re not emotionally invested in it.

Are your goals smart enough?

You may have heard of SMART goal setting, but it’s not the be-all and end-all of goal setting. You have to be able to clearly state that SMART goal to relate to it and work towards it. I also suggest putting it all together into one tangible and actionable quote.

You need these elements…Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-based. For instance, I could say that I want to achieve a barbell back squat that’s equivalent to my body weight in 12 weeks. This would involve adding 20kg to your current squat PB and you already train this exercise so you’d just have to prioritise it a little more.

So your quote would be – I am going to work on my squats 1-2 x per week to be able to squat my bodyweight in 12 weeks.

Finding the catalyst

How many times have you intended to do something, but you feel like something is stopping you from doing it? If you know that you really want it but you’re struggling to make it happen, think of the very first thing that you need to do.

And I mean the very first thing. Think, what’s stopping me? This is the catalyst that will allow the rest of the tasks to snowball.

For instance, looking at the goal mentioned previously, maybe you’d fail to make it to the gym every week, or maybe your form isn’t that great so you need a PT to help you. But looking at the very initial stages of what you need to do – is it because you don’t feel comfortable in your gym clothes and need some new stuff? Is it because you always forget your gym bag? But having it by the door or even in the car would help things move along better.

Think of the very first thing that’s stopping you and start there. 

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Adjusting your goals

This one is a REALLY important one that many of us disregard. You can change your goals along the way.

Picture this, you’ve set your intentions and your plan of what you want to achieve in, let’s say 12 weeks, something happens which hinders your progress. You could get sick or something important comes up in work and suddenly you haven’t trained for 2 weeks, so the goal goes out the window.

That doesn’t need to happen! You can adjust along the way – you could make it more achievable now that you’re behind or you could change the deadline if possible.

You don’t have to throw in the towel just because life gets in the way.

In summary...

So many of us are failing to achieve our goals because we’re getting in our own way. We set these really high standards for ourselves and sometimes expect to achieve something that we don’t even want that much.

Combining these methods will leave you feeling like your goals are something you ‘get’ to do, rather than something you ‘must’ do. After all, if it’s something we’re setting ourselves, why would you want it to be a bad experience?

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