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Do you find the sheer amount of coaches overwhelming?

Coaching has become a massive industry, quite often I’m approached by coaches who coach coaches (yes it’s a thing!) generalising my business with “how long have you been a coach for?” as if they can suddenly help me be an expert in my field. I classify myself as a strength and nutrition coach, but really, I’m a personal trainer with an extra qualification in nutrition and experience competing in powerlifting at a national level.

Being a part of the coaching industry

I started out when life coaching was becoming a thing, but honestly I never went down that path because I felt like I wanted to be more specific. Being so invested in training and nutrition I chose personal training first, then worked my way towards nutrition. In the future, I’m planning to study health science as it combines physical, mental and socioeconomic factors which are all important areas to consider when helping someone become healthier.

I understand that a lot of people do identify as health coaches, but unfortunately, it looks like a lot of courses are lacking in practical knowledge based on research and science, and instead, they are often based on current trends because that’s what’s popular to talk about. I’ve even seen trending and unproven information being shared by people with nutrition qualifications because it at the end of the day, it comes down to the quality of the course and the individual researching the subject.

Why am I writing about this?

I just need to say this point-blank – your life coach is not qualified to handle your health concerns. Hell, your health coach might not even be qualified. Maybe they have some extra skills up their sleeve, they may specialise in a certain area but generally, they shouldn’t be offering advice on fitness and nutrition unless they’re trained to do so. And going deeper, none of us are qualified to handle your medical concerns alone, you need to go to do doctor for that.

Don’t even get me started on business coaches that start giving out diet advice that simply isn’t true and goes against the absolute basics of nutrition – something I’ve seen far too many times.

Unfortunately, it’s not a regulated industry. Anyone can specialise in anything they want to without the relevant skills, experience or certifications. See how many hormonal specialists that there are out there giving advice that’s unproven by endocrinologists? And how many gut health specialists there are claiming that they can alter your microbiome? It’s funny how they can’t offer you the tests to prove that their claims are true, isn’t it?!¬†

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My final word on this topic.

If you want to sort your life out, get a life coach. If you want to sort your business out, get a business coach. If you want to sort out your fitness and diet, please, get someone qualified in that area.

I’ve spent countless hours and thousands of pounds on courses, workshops and assessments so I know I’m offering you correct and up to date information relevant to my industry.

I’m not saying every coach in every area is a quack, there are plenty of people that have worked their way towards specialising in that area through personal experience and years of hard work. But it is scary how much BS there is out there, so all I’m saying is be vigilant, know what you’re getting yourself into and remember why you’re reaching out for help in the first place.

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