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How to Hit Depth with Your Squats

Benefits of Squat Variations Plus How to Hit Depth

Struggling to hit depth when you squat? You need to watch this video! Try out my suggestions for mobility drills as well as squat variations that you should start with. These variations include dumbbell squats, barbell squats and zercher squats!

How to hit depth with your squats, where to start and how to progress them...

Be sure to keep an eye out for more youtube videos appearing on my channel and blog page! I’ll posting lots of fitness videos and exercise demonstrations this year. A big focus of mine is getting people to perform exercises properly. So, I do have pretty long explainations in my videos. But it’s worth learning the correct movement patterns from the get go!

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Your exercise challenge!

Try out the tips in the video above and let me know how you got on! Even better, if this video helped you then tag me @barefacedfitness on Instagram in your story or post.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, try to hit a lower depth or increase the weight you’re using!

You can also switch up the intensity by slowing down the tempo, adding in pauses and increasing sets and reps. 

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