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How to Make a Simple Meal Plan to Lose Weight

How to Make a Simple Meal Plan to Lose Weight

I always say, nutrition is so overly complicated by people! You don’t need to be so strict or buy fancy expensive ‘superfood’ to lose weight. So if you want to create a healthy meal plan to lose weight, then keep reading!

Keeping your healthy meal plan simple

One of the things I always urge people to consider, is including foods that they enjoy in their meal plan. There’s no point in planning to have porridge every morning if you cannot stand it. Just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean you HAVE to eat it, there are so many more options.

How to structure your meal plan

I would suggest starting with ideas for breakfast lunch and dinner that. Focus on sensible portion sizes of single ingredient foods or whole foods primarily. Try to include lots of fruit and veg as well as a decent amount of lean protein every day, not just on training days!

This is so you’ll feel fuller for longer and more satisfied and less likely to eat things that you don’t actually want, just because you’re feeling so hungry. The key to a sustainable diet is making sure that you’re never feeling so hungry from eating too little in terms of volume and calories.

Healthy meal planning infographic

Your tasks for creating a healthy meal plan!

  • Plan your meals and make sure you’re buying foods to make those meals
  • Keep your kitchen stocked with lots of healthy snacks so you can make easy healthy choices
  • Include fruit and vegetables in your meals whenever possible
  • Stick to simple foods like complex carbs, lean proteins, quality cooking oil and lots of vegetables.
  • As for protein, some supplementation might be necessary, particularly for breakfast!

Need more help?

I run a 90 Day Nutrition Club that teaches you all the elements of a healthy sustainable diet and lifestyle. I also offer personalised nutritional guiance to my Online Coaching clients!

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