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How to Do a Fitness Test at Home

5 Fitness Tests You Can Do at Home

I always suggest performance based fitness goals to clients. It’s a great way of taking the focus off weight loss alone! So to measure your progress, it’s a good idea to do a fitness test every so often. 

These 5 fitness tests cover various types of fitness including cardiovascular, bodyweight strength and mobility. The best thing is that you can them all at home!

Watch the video - 5 Fitness Tests to do at home

Be sure to keep an eye out for more youtube videos appearing on my channel and blog page! I’ll posting lots of fitness videos and exercise demonstrations this year. A big focus of mine is getting people to perform exercises properly. So, I do have pretty long explainations in my videos. But it’s worth learning the correct movement patterns from the get go!

(For the sit to stand test, you can opt for how fast you can do 10 sit to stands. Men under 35 should be able to do it in under 10 seconds, with women under 35 aiming for under 12 seconds. Men aged 35-55 should be able to do it in 13 seconds with women aiming for 15, and people over 55 should be able to do it in under 19 seconds. For older age groups, click here)

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Your Fitness Test challenge!

Try out the fitness tests in the video above and let me know how you got on! Even better, if this video helped you then tag me @barefacedfitness on Instagram in your story or post.

Make sure to keep a note of your accomplishments. So after every test, even the first one, write down your results. Then after 4 weeks or so, try the test out again and see if you’ve made an improvement! 

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