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How to Do Glute Kickbacks at Home With Resistance Bands

How to Do Glute Kickbacks at Home With Resistance Bands

So at the gym, you can do glute kickbacks on a cable machine with an ankle attachment. But, what do you do at home?

Remember that bodyweight glute exercises must have resistance in order for the muscle to grow! So donkey kicks just won’t cut it.

Try out the suggestions in the video depending on the type of resistance bands you have to do glute kickbacks without a cable machine.

Watch the video so you can do glute kickbacks at home

Be sure to keep an eye out for more youtube videos appearing on my channel and blog page! I’ll posting lots of fitness videos and exercise demonstrations this year. A big focus of mine is getting people to perform exercises properly. So, I do have pretty long explainations in my videos. But it’s worth learning the correct movement patterns from the get go!

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Your home workout challenge!

Try out the exercise above and let me know how you got on! Even better, if this video helped you nail the movements then tag me @barefacedfitness on Instagram in your story or post.

Remember the cues stated in the video – don’t arch the back and focus on the leg drive from the glute area. 

To make sure it’s more muscle focused, keep the reps controlled and slow it down. If you speed everything up it will become more cardio focused. And if you didn’t know already, you need to focus on the muscles for more of a toned look, so if that’s what you want, make sure that’s what you’re doing!

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