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Quick & Healthy Lunch Ideas That You Can Make in 20 Minutes

Healthy Lunch Ideas That You Can Make in 20 Minutes

If you’re stuck for healthy lunch ideas, why not try out some of these recipes? By all means, feel free to adapt and switch out ingredients to your liking. 

The recipes and ingredients I’ve stated aren’t specific to having a healthy diet, they’re just suggestions of things I enjoy eating.

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Healthy Cooked Breakfast

This is just one way to have a healthy cooked breakfast, and it’s what I really enjoy having when I have a plated breakfast.

healthy lunch eggs

Healthy Lunch Wrap

Love having a nice simple wrap, but ones from the shops can have loads of extra calories in. A better way is to make one yourself! 

healthy lunch wrap

Lazy Girl's Hot Lunch

I know from experience that you can get so bored of having cold lunches, but you’re not always going to have time to cook, right? So here’s something really easy to make yourself a hot lunch.

healthy lunch chicken

Asian Style Noodle Salad

This dish is a great idea when you want something a little more exciting for lunch.

healthy lunch noodle salad

Healthy Snack Plate

Having something really easy like this for lunch makes things a bit more fun and enjoyable. It’s also a great way to use leftovers.

healthy lunch snack plate

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Healthy Eating can be really easy!

Healthy lunches don’t have to be complicated, take loads of time OR be expensive. Try out some of the recipes above and if you do, please tag me on instagram! @Barefacedfitness and let me know what you think!

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