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What You Need to Know Before Buying Fitness Equipment Online

Want to buy a weights set for home workouts but have no idea where to start? Let me help you!

What You Need to Know Before Buying Fitness Equipment for your Home Workouts

Want to buy a weights set for home workouts but have no idea where to start? Let me help you!

Take a look at the video below to see what I’ve got and what I’d recommend. 

Why can't I find any weights online?

As you’re aware, we’re in a situation where we can’t access gyms. Before lockdown, there was not as much of a demand for fitness equipment for domestic use.

Now there is a high demand, suppliers and retailers cannot keep up with it. UK wholesalers are sold out of fitness equipment (believe me, I’ve checked!) and they don’t seem to be available from foreign wholesalers either.

But there are some places you can buy equipment from…

Things you need to know before purchasing

What you need to know if you’re not purchasing from places I’m going to suggest buying from.

Stick with good good all-round weights meaning nothing too light

If you’re not sure what weight to get, try to go for a happy medium. You don’t want to buy something too light because you won’t get much use out of it! 

If you're after basics don't bother buying branded

With cheaper weights it’s really not worth buying the branded options unless you can’t get the same items elsewhere. You should only really be paying more for branded kit when it’s high quality or commercial standard.

Don't pay over the odds

Since there’s been a high demand there’s a surge in prices on places like Amazon. I saw a pull-up bar triple in price! Be aware of what you would have paid before and although you might have to allow for some extra expense, don’t get ripped off.

Try getting second hand items

Lot’s of people are having clear-outs this year and are realising that they’re never going to use those weights they bought. If they’re a decent price (compare to retailers) grab them!

Only get what you need

Have a thing of what you actually need right now. If you’ve never done any weight training in your life are you really going to use a barbell now? Probably not. If you want some recommendations of what to buy, feel free to ask me.

Don't buy into gimmicks

If you’re going to buy fitness equipment for your home, please don’t buy into overpriced gimmicks! Stick to the tried and tested classics – free weights! That’s all you need.

Well, a pull up bar or a suspension trainer for your virtical pull exercises wouldn’t go amiss, but stick to the basics. 

Don’t buy anything that’s classed as ‘core training’ either, absolute waste of money.

What equipment to look out for

As of the time in which I’m writing this (November 2020) I’d suggest keeping an eye out for stock via the links below. Set up stock alerts where possible or keep an eye out for second-hand alternatives. 

(Please bear in mind that the items listed may be out of stock, I’m suggesting the type of item to get and an appropriate price range for the item)

Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells give you loads of options and I would actually go for these first before anything else if you can get your hands on them as they’re more versatile. 

Buy Opti Vinyl Dumbbell Set - 20kg | Dumbbells | Argos

Help to strengthen and tone your whole body with this vinyl set of dumbbells. Whether you're looking to gain muscle or lose fat these dumbbells can help you on your exercise journey. The spinlock grips make it easy for you to add or remove weights as you progress.

Adjustable Dumbbells and Barbell

Best of both worlds here! If you can get anything like this it would be ideal for your home workouts because you have so many exercise options to choose from.

Buy Opti Vinyl Barbell and Dumbbell Set - 35kg | Dumbbells | Argos

Enjoy a great, full body workout at home with this Opti Dumbbell and Barbell Set. The spinlock system makes this set ideal for both beginners and experts as the weight increments can be changed easily as you progress. This set is ideal to strengthen and tone both your upper and lower body with a range of exercises.

Fixed Dumbbells

Fixed dumbbells aren’t a bad idea if you’re more of a beginner and you can get a selection of them.

Don’t bother with super light ones targeted at women though!

Buy Opti Dumbbell Tree Set | Dumbbells | Argos

Make the perfect start to your fitness journey with this dumbbell and stand set. Ideal for beginners, the dumbbell tree holds three pairs of dumbbells weighing 1.1kg, 2.3kg and 4.5kg respectively. Train your whole body building your strength and conditioning at your own pace and then easily store the weights on the tree when you're done.


Kettlebells are brilliant, I love kettlebell training. I would suggest that you get a medium and/or heavy weight if you’re only getting 1 or 2! 

Buy Opti Vinyl Kettlebells Orange - 10kg | Kettlebells | Argos

Grab hold of your exercise routine and take control with this 10kg kettlebell. It's comfortable to hold thanks to the vinyl handle and body, meaning you can get on with strengthening and toning your muscles. They also help improve your endurance, cardio stamina and promote healthy weight loss. Size H28.3, W20, D25cm.

Cheap Barbell and Weight plates

If you fancy getting yourself a barbell and weight plates that have a more to them, lots of people have cleverly started manufacturing these in the UK.

Resistance bands

If you haven’t got the space for weights then these might be a better option for you just to stay active in the meantime.

Pull up bar

Vertical pulling exercises is something that’s often missed from things like classes and home workouts. An easy way to get around this is getting your hands on one of these and finding a suitable doorway for it to fit into!

So there’s your basics! What are you going to go for first? If you’re stuck please do get in touch.

Where else to buy?

I know I’ve featured Argos a lot here, but you might be better off finding weights elsewhere if they don’t have the items in stock.

Try places like TK Maxx, The Range, Home & Bargain, Aldi, Lidl and Sports Direct because they sometimes have weights in stock, but not always.

And of course, Facebook Marketplace, Ebay and Shpok! But make sure you’re not paying too much.

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