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5 Things Your Personal Trainer Doesn’t Tell You

Here are a few home truths about PTs. Obviously, I am a personal trainer, so I’m not here to slag them off, but I’m quite honest with my clients so I thought I may as well share some things on here!

5 Things Your Personal Trainer Doesn't Tell You

Here are a few home truths about PTs. Obviously, I am a personal trainer, so I’m not here to slag them off, but I’m quite honest with my clients so I thought I may as well share some things on here!

So here we go, five things your Personal Trainer doesn’t tell you.

1. You can become a qualified personal trainer in about 2 months

So you’ve probably heard this one before, but it’s not something we like to brag about. I took the time to do a Diploma (necessary PT courses plus 5 or so extra ones and Level 3 GP Referral, Level 3 Pre and Postnatal) over about 18 months alongside a full-time job. I felt like that was the best option for me so I could absorb as much information as possible and take time to read up on anything I didn’t fully understand.
Do I know people who did their level 2 in two weeks and their level 3 in six weeks? Yes, I know very good personal trainers who did all their necessary courses in 2 months. I’ve also met some shitty personal trainers who did the same. It’s all about what you put into it and further education in the form of reading, doing extra courses, attending seminars, applying and testing training methods, basically giving a shit about your job.
The people who do nothing more than the bare minimum then expect you to pay for personal training when they don’t have a passion for it are kinda sucky people who are just in it for the earning potential.

2. You can lose weight without going to the gym

You can lose weight without training and exercise, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Weightloss is essentially about finding the correct energy balance for you. It’s calories in vs. calories out. Whether that outcome is produced by a calorie deficit through limiting food intake or using energy by increasing activity levels is up to you.
At the end of the day a lot of people care about how much they weigh, they become attached to an irrelevant number because they remember that they once felt happy at that weight. Therefore they will feel happy with their body again once they hit that goal weight. But, I would argue that training increases confidence so much more than hitting that number does.
A lot of my clients will drop dress sizes and get stronger without losing loads of weight on the scales but they become happier with their bodies because they’ve achieved so much through training (mentally and physically) and they have developed muscle in the areas that they once felt were ‘problem areas’.

3. You can lift weights with bad form and still make gains

Although I always harp on about correct form and technique, you don’t have to do it perfectly to make a change to your body but I would recommend learning how to do exercises correctly. (I don’t expect my clients to always be perfect because that’s unrealistic, but I do make sure they don’t do anything that could compromise their training.)
There are a lot of people who train alone or have a friend ‘coach’ them through their training. I see bad form an awful lot being in a commercial gym. But, what is going to happen if you train with bad form? Yes, you could potentially injure yourself if you pick a weight that’s too heavy but mostly you’re going to give yourself poor posture, posterior/anterior imbalances, back pain, unnecessary pressure on the joints and/or suboptimal movement patterns that take a long time to correct.
There are a lot of people who exercise through achy joints or a bad back, you should not experience pain when you’re training. If you do, you need to get someone to figure out why – HINT: You’re probably doing it wrong or you’re trying to lift a weight that’s too heavy for you. Even having the odd session with a personal trainer will help you in the long term.

4. Being toned isn't what you think it is

I do use the term ‘toned’ because people understand it as having lean muscle. I would like to point out that everyone has lean muscle because muscle is never fat, fat is fat. But whatever.
Muscle tone is when your muscles have tension, if you didn’t have muscle tone you wouldn’t be able to stand up or even move. If someone has a stroke and loses the use of one side of their body, that side of their body no longer has muscle tone.
So basically, what people think being ‘toned’ is, is having visible muscle definition. Do you want visible muscle? Then you need to build some muscle and possibly lose some fat. You’ll never build too much muscle without trying, so don’t worry about that either.

5. Personal Trainers are not qualified to give you food plans

I have had a few people ask for a food plan because they want to be spoon-fed what they need to eat. I don’t really like this approach because it doesn’t teach people to structure their diet themselves and learn what works for them. Firstly, only nutritionists and dieticians are qualified to give you food plans because they take into consideration all the vital macros, vitamins, minerals, fibre, everything you need for a healthy diet, into account. Even then, they still give you guidelines and get you to make some decisions on what to eat.
Do not, under any circumstances, buy a food plan from someone unqualified to sell you one. It will also probably be some bollocks like eat eggs, tuna salad, chicken and rice and that’s about it. If you get one from your trainer for free, okay go with some suggestions but I’d still look at what you need to eat on a healthy balanced diet for you.
Be aware, some Trainers will favour restricting your diet to get fast results for the gram rather than making sure you’re working towards sustainable weight loss and ensuring that you’ve got a good relationship with food!
What I do provide is food diary reviews for my clients if they want one and a calorie and macro guide for my newsletter subscribers. Click the link to get yourself signed up!
So, that’s all for now! If there are any topics that you want me to talk about on my blog then comment below. I’d love to know what you want to hear about next!

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