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My goal with Barefaced Fitness is to put the health back into health and fitness. I used to struggle with exercising just to look a certain way and eating very little to be skinny. Now that I set myself performance based goals and know how to fuel my body well, I have completely changed my relationship with fitness and my diet as well as my body! My workouts make me feel strong and healthy, and I believe that’s the way it should be.

How I can help you

I have a range of products and services to suit every budget so I’m sure you’ll find something to suit you!


Kim is the most amazing personal trainer! She has revolutionised my attitude to food, exercise and my body. Being a total novice to any kind of exercise meant I was very nervous to work with a PT at all, but even during my initial consultation with Kim I felt at ease and safe. It’s now more than a year since then and I always feel safe with her. For anyone who believes they don’t belong in the gym, or can’t build a respectful relationship to their own body, Kim truly is an ideal candidate.

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Alison Personal Training Client

I have had 7+ months of training with Kim, she is a fantastic trainer gets you too where you need to be. I am 61 and had a knee problem, she helped me to build up strength to support the problematic area and I never looked back. She makes free weights fun and you progress quickly. I cannot wait for her new business to launch as I miss my training sessions with her.

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Deborah Personal Training Client

I had serious gym fear before I started training with Kim. She put me at ease from the start, I left the first session with her feeling like I could actually start making changes to my fitness. I still have a long way to go, but I've built up confidence, I'm more motivated, and I get encouragement and support from Kim. She will push me to do the best I can, but never makes me feel any less if there is something I can't do. I genuinely enjoy training with her!

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Kate Personal Training Client

Kim is so fantastic, she has 100% improved my confidence in the gym. I went from not wanting to go on my own to training consistently each week. I enjoy every session and can see improvements in my fitness, health and strength since I started training with her!

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Jess Personal Training Client

This girl is unbelievable she gives 100% to every client , each session is fun and motivating. So glad i gave it a chance to join a personal trainer that puts her clients first, is aware of each individual owns strengths and limitations and also a trainer who just keeps on giving. If this year is the year you want to make a difference then don’t look back check it out !! You won’t be disappointed

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Fiona Personal Training Client

I have had Kim as my PT for over a year now. She has been amazing and really knows her stuff. She has helped me so much and the difference it has made having her train me is fantastic. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for a trainer.

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Gwen Personal Training Client

Kim is an incredible trainer who really just wants the best for her clients. From day one Kim has always been really supportive and encouraging, I’ve loved every session we do (even the exercises I hate). I’ve had really horrible experiences with personal trainers in the past which made me apprehensive of ever getting one again. Kim has completely changed all that for me and has made me fall in love with exercising and getting stronger. Kim is all about empowering woman and I can’t recommend Kim enough.

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Becci Personal Training Client

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I appreciate that Online Coaching might be new to you but believe me, it’s the way forward for flexible and affordable training options! I can also help you with your diet so much so that you won’t feel like you’re restricting yourself again. 

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